Padovana Macinazione is a company in the food industry since 1956, first as a mill and since 1990 as a trading house in food processing sector. The Ferraros lead now their third-generation family business and the fourth generation is now entering. It has specialized in the organic distribution market since 2000 with more than 1.000 articles. Besides normal and special flour, Padovana Macinazione is able to supply vegetable oils, organic margarine, sugar and other sweeteners, cereals and legumes, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, starches, potato starches and flakes, breadcrumbs and bread coating products, spices and flavors, milk and dairy products, eggs, drinks, fruit-based semi-finished products for cooking and filling and lots of other products.

Padovana Macinazione can supply both small and large food manufacturers with a wide assortment of items and a very short delivery time (i.e. 2-3 working days in Italy). Nowadays, thanks to our presence in foreign markets, it is moreover expanding constantly abroad and its percentage of export turnover is steadily increasing.

We buy from domestic and foreign suppliers and import directly several products from the countries of origin.

Padovana Macinazione has three manufacturing departments which comprise two warehouses with 3.000 square meter (a dedicated gluten free products warehouse of 1000 square meter) and a shop with 1000 m2 warehouse annexed.

Our global energy consumption is 100% covered by our solar panels system.

The company is certified for the distribution of organic products also in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 22000 and the “Demeter” requirements. The BRC (Global Standard For Food Safety) certification process concerning the storage and distribution of food raw materials is currently underway.

Our desire is to go on operating in the organic raw material global handling and distribution, with rising attention to gluten-free products, new products and of course quality.