Organic wholesale

Padovana Macinazione is a supplier and distributor of wholesale organic products. We offer organic products from organic and certified cultivations and agriculture, to processing industries and small businesses such as shops, restaurants, food industries, etc.
The organic wholesale guarantees the quality, safety and traceability of the products, respecting the regulations and certifications of the sector. Furthermore, organic wholesale contributes to spreading a culture of responsible and sustainable consumption, safeguarding the environment and health.

Variety of BIO products

We distribute a wide range of organic products, controlled at every stage of the supply chain.
Among our organic products you can find spices, teas, herbal teas and infusions, dried fruit, cereals, flours, legumes, starches and vital gluten, condiments, milk and dairy products, pre-cooked cereals and legumes and much more. With our organic products we guarantee high quality standards as we select the best producers in Italy and around the world.

Origins and supply chain

The raw materials come from Italy and from all over the world. Each product we offer is carefully selected and followed in every process, guaranteeing the integrity and quality of our supply chain.
We distribute certified organic products wholesale throughout the country and abroad.


We are an ORGANIC certified company that fully embraces this philosophy. We are strongly convinced that the indiscriminate use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and dyes is harmful to both human health and that of the environment. Furthermore, organic farming preserves the fertility of the land, safeguards animal health and well-being by reducing the impact of human activities on nature. We are proud of our certifications.




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